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Script  Analysis Services

JRF Entertainment  Script Analysis Services

 Do you have a feature film project, a series in development or an animation script and would like a professional’s opinion? Do you have doubts regarding the development of the intrigue? Are you still unsure of how the characters are portrayed? Would you like to know the commercial potential of your script? Our script editors will provide you with the answers to all these questions and more!

Why are an analysis and a script editor important?

Each piece of writing needs to be reviewed on a regular basis by a critical eye that can guide you in the right direction. But perhaps no one around you has the expertise needed to offer you advice on such points as dramaturgy, for example…

In that case, consult the services of a professional writing expert to improve your script!

 How does the service work?Writers and producers are asked to send our service a synopsis (maximum 5 pages), along with their script specifying the version of the script (1st / 2nd / 3rd version).

You will receive expert advice on the following points:

  • Originality of the project
  • Treatment of the genre
  • Treatment of the themes
  • Analysis of the structure
  • Analysis of the characters, their portrayal, their evolution
  • Dialogues
  • Commercial potential, market positioning
Please follow this procedure:
  1. The writer or producer is asked to send their script and a synopsis of no more than 5 pages  to us.

  2. On the basis of the synopsis and script, our team will evaluate if the project meets the criteria required for an analysis to be carried out.
  3. If so, the writer or the producer is informed and asked to transfer the sum of €300 to the our  account 
  4. An analysis valid from the date of transfer of the expert's fees will be sent to you within two weeks.
  5. A second analysis for the same script will cost €250.
  6. Good luck with your scriptwriting!

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