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Jueves 13 de Febrero de 2020 10:15

A Place in the World
by JR. Fuentes
Pages: 30


Looking for some company, a lonely Chinese office worker decides to buy a small puppy to care for and give affection. . This decision will lead  him to an unexpected situation when he discovers that his pet is not exactly a dog.

Inspired by a true story

Jimmy, a lonely Chinese office worker who finds it hard to find a girlfriend, follows the advice of the owner of a street food stall where he eats sometimes and buys a tiny, chubby and adorable little dog puppy to keep him company. But as your puppy grows he begins to see traits in which they have little to do with a dog. So, he decides to take pictures of the creature and publish them on his social networks so that Internet users can help him find out what kind of animal his pet is. What will be his surprise when he discovers that the supposed dog is actually (or so Jimmy thinks) a bamboo rat. A rodent that is considered a culinary delicacy in some Chinese provinces. Having no idea how to care for a rodent of this type, Jimmy decides to give his pet to another person who can attend. Although what that person really wants is to cook it.


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