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Jueves 13 de Febrero de 2020 10:25

The Three Christmases of Abbi
Pages 30
by JR. Fuentes
Fearing to finish grinded and become in compost as they usually finish the fir - trees like him when Christmas ends, a young fir-tree wish strongly that do not cut him and take it from the forest. But it will be cut and sold for three Christmases until a girl changes it luck.
An emotional Christmas story with the spirit of the Hans Christian Andersen's tales about a young Christmas fir tree that is cut and sold to a family in a Christmas market who they trow in the trash when Christmas ends. Dry and shabby, it is picked up by a junk dealer who sells second-hand Christmas items which he rents out in the next Christmas to a poor girl who cannot buy a new Christmas tree to receive her father who is serving time in jail. After that second Christmas, the girl in spite of herself has to return it. But she is determined to recover Abbi to plant him again and give it a new life.
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