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Escrito por JR.FUENTES   
Jueves 19 de Noviembre de 2020 10:17



Tired of supporting the taunts and abuse of their cage mates, a parakeet that can not fly because they do not grow wings,  leaves the shop where he was born in search of a new life


 A parakeet whose wings or feathers do not grow due to a genetic defect, leaves the bird shop where he was born tired of seeing how he is rejected, mocked and mistreated by his companions. Found by an alcoholic vagabond who turns out to be a famous  tamer  of wild animals who had his own circus, and seeing the parakeet's ability to stay in the air by jumping, decides to put on a street circus show with the parakeet and a flea that turns out to be a Success until the police closed the circus for not having the license to perform shows on public roads and they took the parakeet accusing him (once again) of mistreating animals.


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